at long last, there’s finally a full length elephant micah lp born into this world. why it took so many years will remain a mystery, cuz as far as we’re concerned elephant micah should have been a household name for years now, and if nothing else these sounds just beg to be heard on vinyl… so here it is… stripped of all superfluous sound, and presented with the sort of stark realness that creates a deeply psychedelic mood without being in the least bit overt. joe o’connell has always been at the top of our favorite contemporary songwriters, and here the songs truly take center stage for the first time. recorded direct to hand held cassette recorder using only acoustic guitar and vocals, with just sparse backing from a little percussion, cello, electric piano and double tracked vocals, the gauzy overdubs of past releases have all but vanished here. at the same time the lyrical depth & intimacy have easily doubled, creating some of the most affecting country tindged melancholy we’ve ever laid ears on. hushed, heartaching, and utterly timeless. and it just gets better with every listen… the voyeuristic pureness is further enhanced by hissy near haiku spoken fragments of tape that pop up between songs throughout the album…

cd version : digital version of the sold out lp. heavy mini lp style craft paper gatefold cover with elusive, ghostly two color offset printing, plus a double sided fold out insert & woven japanese inner sleeves.

released november 2006.