• Image of JOSHUA BURKETT ~ XAVIER'S BIRDS ~ book & 7inch (TIME-LAG 059)
  • Image of JOSHUA BURKETT ~ XAVIER'S BIRDS ~ book & 7inch (TIME-LAG 059)

found a few last copies...

really wonderful release here… full sensory stimulation from one of the our fave & most under-documented contemporary players, artists, and general hushed enthusiasts of the unusual (mental, visual, musical, etc.)… more then a few folks in the know list 'gold cosmos' and 'where's my hat?' as all time classics, so no doubt these new tracks are bound to please. a bit different from past releases, each of the three tracks here is a collaboration with a different long time friend and musical compatriot, building off josh's unmistakable home-fi acoustic foundation : LAU NAU adds her stunningly haunted vocal textures, WILLIE LANE strangles electrified strings like only he can, and THURSTON MOORE subtly corrodes with a haze of damaged frequencies & vibrating plucks… three totally separate vibes unfold as diverse golden facets of a whole…

7inch with book : as few and far between as proper burkett releases have been over the years, even less exposed has been his amazing & unique artwork. while just about anybody with a eye turned towards new england underground album cover art, show posters, mail art, etc. will surely have had a glimpse of josh's instantly recognizable visual universe, the quantity, scope, and focus of his paintings, drawing, sculptures (and words!) presented here is truly visionary. josh's hand picked selection of pieces for the book span from all the way back to his very earliest paintings, up to some of his most recent… the book itself is 52 full color, pro-printed pages of artwork, each piece accompanied by josh's equally interesting stream of consciousness writing about the work, which is both enlightening, highly amusing, and often pretty hysterical. get comfy, get lifted, and settle in for a multi-sensory trip… 7inch is a large hole 45rpm disc with hand stamped labels. book has a double-sided offset printed neon green cover, with a hand painted & metallic gold screen printed wrap-around title strip. numbered edition of 222 copies.

last few copies!

released january 2013.