first ever reissue of this totally brilliant post-satwa 1973 brazilian private press featuring the core trio lula cortes, marconi notaro & ramalho. recorded just months after lula & lailson had released satwa, lula was back in the same recife studio with poet and friend marconi notaro to lay down another equally magical album. ramalho, who would go on to record the paberu 2lp with lula two years later, makes his recording debut here as well… somehow amidst the harsh government restrictions of 70s brazil, lula côrtes and his group of artist friends had managed to bypass the authorities and create a hugely creative micro-world of their own, recording, producing, and releasing this album with complete independence. no small feat in and of itself, no doubt, but the music is what makes this slab a true lost masterpiece… the whole album gushes forth with a sun baked spirit of the highest level, mixing tropicalia tinged folk-beat groovers, satwa style bliss trance ragas, pabiru favored lysergic jungle psych, and even a raging fuzz/wah soaked garage psych rocker. extremely mind melting from start to finish, with huge washes of rippling tape delay, electric & acoustic guitars, 12 string, tranced folk percussion, passionate yet mellow vocals, liquid electric bass, acid effects everywhere, and of course lula's mercurial & heart melting tricrdio (an instrument he made himself, something like a sitar/dulcimer hybrid). beautiful, melancholy and joyous all at the same moment, this is an album that after 33 years still sounds completely fresh & unique… sadly marconi passed away in 2000 having lived a life of obscurity even in his own town, yet leaving behind 7 published books of poetry and this stunning, lone album. this reissue has been authorized by maconi's daughter and lula côrtes to insure they receive the credit and funds they deserve, even if it comes 3 decades late…

cd version : digital version of the out of print vinyl. fully reproduced original art, featuring beautiful drawings by lula & layout by katia, plus a huge full-color 4-page insert featuring fully translated original notes, rare photos and book covers, marconi's last poem written the day before his death, and extensive new notes & biography by lula côrtes. same deluxe lp style laminated gatefold packaging as the vinyl version, only smaller. woven japanese inner sleeves. edition of 1000 copies.

last few copies!

released august 2006.