after piles of privately released cdrs & long gone vinyl only releases, here's the mv/ee album for the masses, who are no doubt quivering for it… don't be fooled though, this is neither the medicine show zone of recent years, nor a mere echo of the tower recordings flame, but a new beast stirring awake in the beaming sun of now. aided by the bummer road and the omni present erika elder, mv has here pushed his cosmic sounds beyond the apex of high. no doubt there's plenty of lifted rural raga vibrations, and big woozy doses of haunted folk-blues as well, but the mix of flat-out killer 'songs' and extended electric psych-outs is something of a revelation. 'beautiful mountain' & 'sunshine girl' are tantalizingly close to being something like modern underground hits, while the side-long album closer 'death don't have to mercy' is an epic head-spinning trip loaded with moments of fragile piano lull, layers of serpentine acid guitars, and all-around smoky late-night jam vibes… throughout the album both mv & ee's vocals are more present & stronger then ever, and the harmonies have a real sweet lonesome glow… surely the finest blossom yet from the mighty maximum arousal farm… features matt valentine & erika elder with mo' jiggs, sparrow wildchild, nemo bidstrup, tim barnes & samara lubelski adding harmonica, percussion, flute, electric guitar, tambura, violin, ukelin, and more to the usual assortment of mystic strings…

2cd version : double cd digital version of the sold out 2lp. packaged in a beautiful heavy old-style gatefold cover with glossy laminated photo outside and silver on white interior. miniature lp style heavy gatefold covers just like the vinyl version, plus a nice insert.

released march 2006.