deluxe and exact official reissue of one of the rarest & most unique gems of the 60s private press psychedelic underground. home recorded in a suburban new york living room over just a couple weeks in 1969 by three enthused teenagers, and then self released by the band in an edition of only 100 copies complete with hand assembled covers and booklet insert. dreams of rock stardom may have faded quickly, but from such humble beginnings these kids totally transcended their limited resources… an album overflowing with naive creativity, huge ideas, deep bedroom mysticism, and more then a hint of stoned teenage humor, not to mention a rather unusual assortment of instruments and some very unconventional but brilliant "studio" maneuvering. two singers/songwriters both with wonderfully deep, poetic & introspective lyrics and unique voices, chiming 12 string & electric guitars, unusually cool use of piano, crude drum kit, autoharp, banjo, tambourine, subtle bursts of fuzz bass, off kilter unison vocals, washes of reverb modulation, weird tape edits, and a seriously one-of-a-kind vibration. there's truly been nothing like it before or since…

cd version : the full original lp plus the two extra tracks from the 7inch, as well and 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks from private demos and live recordings, as well as an alternate version of the lp's closing track. heavy miniature lp style gatefold cover with all original lp art, plus notes inside from founding member eric bergman. cd sized version of the original booklet insert complete with metallic printed covers. woven japanese inner sleeves.

released april 2007.