well, here you have it. maine's cosmic mystery trio captured in vinyl for eternity, just for you... while everyone & their mother seems to have some sort of bedroom folk/psych project going these days, you'd be hard pressed to find another unit as pure in spirit & process as these here bodies/buddies. one of those rare vortexes of creation existing totally apart from all hype, pressure or pretense; in other words, timeless. always balanced on that fine and beautiful line between cosmic joke & aching depth. a simple & unadorned unfurling of strummed & fingered instruments, heartaching female vocals, woodland creatures, earthy male vocals, contrasting half written & totally spontaneous songs, twisting lyrics, haunted melancholy, lysergic joy, and a heavy dose of spooked new england lore. in a way, the recording scene itself is an almost perfect parallel to the sounds & vibes captured here: three shadowy figures laugh & sing around a dim campfire. no ones slept in days. they're nestled amidst ancient stone buildings, creeping foliage, and mounds of exotic flowers. the sun is setting over the mountains. but its all frozen in time. the clouds aren't moving. and that campfire, it's a microphone, isn't it? and all those flowers: plastic. the stone: paint. is it all fake? well, it is an ancient stone church. and those three really are making some very sweet sounds. in fact, its almost hyper real. almost impossibly so... is that reel-to-reel rolling? yes, it sure is...

cd version : digital version of the sold out lp. tri-fold double thick duotone art paper cover. outside is white paper with edge to edge antique letterpress printed eyeball melting hyper detailed art by the band plus glow-in-the-dark screen printing. inside is black paper with red/orange screen printing. woven japanese inner sleeves. two cover variations, limited to 400 each, for a total cd edition of 800 copies.

released july 2007.